Congratulations to our
2016 Coloma Lioness
Glad-Peach Festival
Prince & Princess Winners


Prince -

# 29 Ross Smothers  
  Parents -Karla & Mitch Smothers

1st Runner-up -

# 1 Roman Arndt  

  Parents - Ann Orr & Jason Arndt

2nd Runner-up -

# 27 Daniel Zandarski  
  Parents - AAryn & Daniel Zandarski

Princess -

# 12 Reaghan Prestidge  
Parents -Taylor Soulard & Matt Prestidge

1st Runner-up -

# 24 Payton Yeske  
  Parents - April & James Yeske

2nd Runner-up -

# 18 Ella Spies  
  Parents - Krissy Ashley & Steve Spies
Thanks to all of those who participaed and to those who helped make this event possible. Please join us next year for another exciting Prince & Princess contest!!

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